Saturday, June 25, 2011

Royalton Forgotten Holy Trinity Catholic Cemetery

Holy Trinity Catholic Church - 1899
Holy Trinity Catholic Church was organized in 1896.  After new brick structure was built closer to town, the old church located west of the railroad was used as a warehouse.

The old cemetery once located stood near the original catholic church.  Currently at 17270 South Birch Street, Royalton, Minnesota.  Directed across from the Royalton holding pond's on the west-side of the county road.

Location: Turn left on South 1st Street.  Then Left on South Birch Street.  Cemetery is on right, 1/2 mile.

Brush has over taken the old cemetery site.

Snow indentations represents the locations of the old sunken grave sites.

Base of headstones left after removal of graves.

Throughout cemetery parts of headstones had been left.

Additional headstone bases.

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